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Free Sheet Music Links!

Please excuse the overly dramatic tone of the following post:

I, as a violin player, understand the frustration one has when they find a really amazing song in an anime, video game, or even just on the radio and you cannot find the sheet music for it anywhere! I have spent countless hours searching online for sheet music, (I suppose I could have spent that time actually transcribing the sheet music myself, but I was too lazy for that) and I know how annoying it can be. Website lure you in with the promise of free sheet music, and then stab you with premium member only slinks and pages unlocked only by taking a “free” survey. I too have been lured and heartbroken by the broken promise of free sheet music.

I lost my music folder on campus the week before school let out, and wasn’t able to find it. This a tragedy because I kept every single piece of music I had played since the fourth grade in that folder. Eight years of musical memories, lost. Not only that, but how was I to practice over the summer without my sheet music! Without sheet music, I was doomed to digress in my playing skills. For days I wallowed in the depths of my despair, until I remembered the wonderful invention that was the internet.

I searched, scouring the World Wide Web with the mission of finding free sheet music. And I succeeded! And so, my fellow sheet music hunters, I give you the gifts of links! Links to magical sites that are full of sheet music for those of us too lazy to play by ear and transcribe our own. Links for those of us too cheap to go out and actually buy music! Links to sheet music for stringed instruments! Links for vocals! And yes, even you brass instrument players! I give you links for all!

For my anime and video game music lovers, I give you Ichigo’s: http://ichigos.com/

For my classical music lovers, I give you: http://imslp.org/wiki/Category:Composers

And the site I most recently discovered! This wonderful, magical site! It has anime sheets, game sheets, radio hits, and even sheet music to some of the epic songs you hear in movies! I give you, http://musescore.com/

Go forth, my brothers and sisters of musical artistry! Go forth and play music!

~ Zippy